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Netcontact Ltd is an Edinburgh based online marketing company helping business owners use the internet to generate more leads.

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Choosing the right partner is crucial for your online marketing success, and depending on your business needs, we offer a wide range of powerful marketing strategies to get you seen for what you do and get the response your business deserves.

We care passionately about the results you get and we will walk you through the whole process from start to finish.

So whether you are just starting out and need a website designed or are disappointed with the results you are currently getting, we can help.

It’s no longer enough to have a beautifully designed website and it’s not sufficient to be at the top of the search engines and expect results without systems in place to gather the contact details of your site visitors.

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Responsive Web Design

Are you looking to design and build a new website? Or improve the look and performance of your existing site?

We build slick, modern, responsive websites that will simply bring you more enquiries.


Build a Following

You make the effort to design a nice website and spend time attracting lots of visitors!

Now what? Some will call you...Most won't...They are just not ready yet...But they could be in a few weeks time...

Sign them up to your newsletter and build a following before they hit the back button and you lose them forever...

Online Exposure

Is your website visible in the search results? Mainly Google. Do you know which keywords are best for your business? 

Don't leave it to chance...let us optimise your website and put you in front of your target market.


Automated Follow Up

You now have a list of targeted leads but how do you turn them into customers?

Here are some interesting statistics: 48% of businesses never follow-up with a prospect. 25% of businesses make a second contact and stop. 10 % of businesses make more than three contacts. A staggering 80% of sales are made after the fifth contact with a prospect.

Find out how our automated systems can make following up a breeze!